Hey, I'm lizzie.

I'm a licensed Clinical social worker in nashville, tennessee.

Are you feeling stuck?  Is there something nagging at you?  Maybe you are in pain or feeling stressed.  Maybe you want more out of your relationships or your work life.  

Therapy can help. 

Together, let's identify what the problems are and begin moving toward a happier, more energetic you.  I will provide you with professional support and suggestions and together we will continually monitor your progress until you reach your goals.

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who do i work with?

I have a special interest in working with adults and adolescents who are experiencing addictive disorders and behaviors, unresolved trauma, relationship issues or chronic stress. I have extensive experience in the treatment of trauma, personality disorders, addiction, and relationship disorders. I use a variety of models including experiential therapy, mindfulness-based therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy, fully adherent dialectical behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing.


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still confused?


You can feel great.  I believe that we are all capable of transformation, and I believe there are no problems too complicated, no pains too great nor any habits too destructive to prevent that transformation.  I offer free phone consultations to help you find a great fit for your needs.

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