Every one of us will likely face substance abuse issues
at some point in time, either personally or indirectly.

Are you drinking too much? What about the pills you are prescribed by
your doctor? Just like relationships with people, relationships with substances can sometimes
turn sour and we might need to “break-up.” And just like with people,
sometimes breaking up with our substance of choice can be hard. A
substance abuse assessment is simply a tool to help you (or whomever
is asking for the assessment) to gain insight into your relationship
with substances. The assessment will also tell you what level of
treatment is recommended to help you correct your relationship with

Substance Abuse Assessment: $250 per 90-minute assessment and written Report OR $195 per 90-minute session without a written report


I provide interventions for individuals suffering from addictions.

Not only are addictions lethal for the addict, they can (and do) destroy
relationships and businesses. An intervention is a formalized process
in which I will help you change the current dynamic which is
supporting the addiction and ultimately get the addict to a safe place
for help, treatment, and recovery. The cost of an intervention is so
high due to the number of hours it takes to complete one, and due to
the “around-the-clock” nature of the work. The cost of interventions
is so variable due to the extensive travel involved in some
interventions (which takes the interventionist away from work and
family). Intervention rates are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Intervention: variable – ranges from $2,500-$7,500 plus travel expenses