I provide individual therapy for people ages 16 and up. Therapy can be
short term (6-12 sessions) or long-term (6 months-2 years). I use a
few different models of therapy: mindfulness-based therapies,
experiential therapies, cognitive-behavioral therapies (like DBT), and
motivational interviewing. I'll teach you what these therapies are and
how they work, and together we'll pick the mode that fits you and your

We'll work together weekly or bi-monthly to help you solve
problems, gain insight, feel better, and live well. In your first
session, we'll simply get to know each other.

Coming to therapy can be intimidating, but don't worry, it's only that
way the first time. After your first session, you'll look forward to
coming back.

You can tell me anything, and I promise I won't give you
the same advice as your mother.

It's important that you feel comfortable with your therapist and that you find the right "fit"
for you. If I'm not the right fit, I'll help you find someone who is.

Individual Therapy: $130 per 50-minute session