I provide fully-adherent dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

What does that mean? Well, it means that I work very hard to provide this therapy exactly as it was
designed.  DBT therapy focuses on helping you regulate your emotions
(changing the way you experience your emotions), tolerating distress
(accepting the way experience emotions), interpersonal effectiveness
(having better relationships), and mindfulness (just generally
chilling out).

DBT is empirically supported (there's research!) to provide relief and recovery from a number of psychological conditions including borderline personality disorder. 

I also use DBT to help you manage and recover from addictive disorders.
(There's lots of letters for that kind of therapy. It's called DBT for

DBT costs more money because it includes phone coaching. In addition
to meeting weekly in the office, you have the opportunity (and are
encouraged) to reach out to me via text throughout the week to get
support in implementing the therapy
. DBT is different than other types
of therapy, and has some additional requirements. Weekly DBT Skills
group attendance is required while participating in individual DBT
therapy, and a minimum commitment of 6 months is requested to begin.

Individual DBT Therapy: $160 per 50-minute session